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Skin-to-skin w/older baby/toddler?

Ever since DD stopped nursing (which neither of us really wanted but my milk dried up because of my pregnancy and nursing got REALLY uncomfortable), DH and I have been either rocking or snuggling her to sleep.  I love it.  But when I do it, she likes to have her cheek against my skin.  If she can't get to my skin, she'll lift up or pull down my shirt until I take it off (I still wear nursing tanks underneath).  I really don't mind, in fact it's kind of nice, but does anyone else's older baby or toddler do this?  I haven't really thought about skin-to-skin contact being bonding since DD was tiny.  What's your experience?

Re: Skin-to-skin w/older baby/toddler?

  • I don't have to rock DS to sleep anymore but when we cuddle he likes to put his cheek or hand on my chest.  I find it comforting as well.  There's something more relaxing about skin to skin. 
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  • my 19 month old (and we weren't able to nurse past six weeks) does that too.  In fact, I have a few bras that she hates because they get in her way - lol!
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  • My DS always has to have his hand inside my shirt. He moves my shirt until he can touch my skin. And lately he has been laying his head on my chest instead of on my arm when he sleeps. 
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  • my 20 month old (well 21 mos tomorrow) who still BFs loves skin to skin.  She will pull up her shirt and then mine and say "tummy, tummy" she's a busy body usually, but she'll just lie there happily for ages.  It's very sweet.
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  • my 26 month old is still nursing and she loves skin to skin also - she also likes for my arms to be bare when i'm rocking her - if i have on long sleeves, she'll push them up!
  • Ditto.  Last night DD woke up (teething?  Not sure the change in sleeping pattern the past two nights) and nursed for a bit, but then just rested her cheek against my breast and sighed and sat there for a bit.

    When we are out, she likes to rest her face against my collarbone/decollete area or the inside of my arm, and when we take a bath together she will often stop and rest her head on my stomach or breasts and sigh and smile. I love it.

  • my DD will lift up my shirt and hug my belly.  sometimes i think she is just playing the belly button game, but then i get a hug, it is soo cute.

    we JUST stopped showering together, and i loved that skin-to-skin time, we had done it since birth.  

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