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Giving Birth at Kaiser Zion

Does anyone have any experiences good/bad to share? Any tips going in?

Did you luck out and get your own room? Could your husband stay with you? How supportive were they about breastfeeding?



Re: Giving Birth at Kaiser Zion

  • I gave birth there in December and had a GREAT experience.  I know not everyone will say that, but I was blown away by what good care I received.

    The doctors were really good, the nursing staff was caring and friendly.  I was in the hospital for a total of six days, and as much as someone can enjoy that experience, I did.

    I lucked out and got my own room, which was key.  If I'd had to share a room, I'm confident my experience would have been awful.  The rooms are tiny and being in there with another woman and her partner and their baby would be miserable.

    My husband was with me the whole time, stayed the night each night.  He even stayed in bed with me a night or two (I was recovering fine, we were still there because our baby was jaundiced) and the nurses turned a blind eye to it.

    I saw several lactation consultants-- they came to my room and were very nice.  A lot of the nurses also offered tips and advice about breastfeeding.  If anything, it was hard because I was getting so much breastfeeding advice!

    I hope this helps.  If you have specific questions, let me know!

  • I had a fairly good experience with them.

    Water broke in the morning and when I came in they set me up with a room right away even though I wasn't in active labor. I did have to have pitocin started in the afternoon since labor wasn't progressing naturally (really DIDN'T want pitocin) and a few hours later I had to give in and get an epi. 

    The nurses all read through my birth plan and made me feel like they were there to help me along the way. They were super nice and kind with me the whole way (even when the midwife on call raised her voice and asked why I hadn't been put on pitocin yet). 

    Either DH or I were with DS the whole time... they never took him away from us and either of us had a hand on him since he was born. 

    My LO latched on an hour after birth after I was sewn up (I requested that we try to latch on as soon as we could). I said I didn't want the eye goop on till after we had him latch on successfully and they totally were ok with that. They also asked me if I was sure I wanted him to have the Vit K shot and didn't say a single word after I said I didn't want him to have the hep B vac.

    After birth I was placed in my own room for that night. DH stayed right by my side in a makeshift bed and LO was in a bassinet by both of us. The nurses were fabulous after that and showed me how to wobble around and get things situated down there for minimal pain. They were very good about remembering pain meds and even helped out by changing LO for me.

    I didn't get to see a LC until the last day due to the amount of women who gave birth the same night but the nurses were all very helpful with making sure LO was latching/nursing correctly and helped me with different positions. They explained that the LC's tried to get to everyone right away but needed to help out the ones with more issues first. I was very lucky to have such a good latcher/sucker.

    But before I left the hospital they already had a LC visit set up for the next week so I could go and make sure LO was getting enough/doing well w/ breastfeeding. 

    I did have to share a room for the next night but they were super full when I checked in so I was sure I'd have to share sooner or later. 

    All in all I had a fairly good experience. And I have a healthy baby boy :) 

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  • I had a scheduled c-section last Oct. when my son was at 35 weeks.  Baby stayed in the NICU for two weeks for a variety of issues, but the nurses for me were fantastic.  I lucked out and got my own "corner suite" (actually, I think I got it due to "pity;" I couldn't take sharing a room with someone who had their baby with them!).  My husband stayed with me every night on the pull-out bed.  I stayed 5 days, and the food was surprisingly good.

     The lactation ladies were helpful, and were able to meet with me whenever I wanted to.  He had a VERY hard time at first, and they (not so gently sometimes) urged me to keep trying.  I really liked Rose (at Vandever) after baby and I were discharged.  We didn't really get the hang of it until he was about six weeks old.  (Don't ever use the term "nipple shield" or "fireline" to me!  LOL)

    The nurses in the NICU were not as good, though.  I always felt that I was visiting THEIR baby, not MINE.  :( 

  • imageTeacher Momma:
    I really liked Rose (at Vandever) after baby and I were discharged. 


    Rose is the best!  I went to see her, too, and was so impressed with her.  I highly recommend her, if you're a Kaiser patient looking for a lactation consultant.

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