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Question about taking the babies out of the house

My husband and I live in an apartment on the third floor of a three family home (temporarily). The staircase going down is very narrow and where the steps turn they get small. I'm worried about getting up and down them with two small babies. Seems impossible and very unsafe to think of taking two carriers in hand up and down at the same time. I obviously cant do one at a I won't be be able to go anywhere by myself. Does anyone have advice, or any ideas?

Re: Question about taking the babies out of the house

  • I don't think you'll have a problem carrying 2 infant seats at the same time.  It's not easy but doable (I carried 2 into the post office earlier today).  If that's not an option, you could put one in a baby carrier (Ergo) and leave their infant seat in the car, then you only have to carry one baby down in the carrier and the other's strapped to you, then just strap the carried baby into the car seat.  You'll want to get out, you'll find what works best for you.
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  • we live on the 2nd floor, with garage in back of the complex.  so, i get where you're coming from.  at first i really didn't think i could possibly leave a baby alone at the bottom of the stairs, and another alone upstairs, and run back an forth.

    if i'm going out, i put stroller downstairs (DSNG when they were in seats) and carry each baby down one at a time.  then we do a stroller ride to the car, where i load them in, stroller in trunk, and off we go.  reverse on the way home.  it is a hassle, but doable.  today i took them to the park by myself for the first time!

    if you are at your front door, can you see downstairs to where baby would be?  quiet and safe?  if not, maybe you can ask one of your neighbors to stand there for a minute.  it really only takes a minute to get 2nd baby. 

    i had 5mos of bedrest, plus a c-sect.  no way in hell i could carry 2 infant carriers up and down stairs... could barely carry one. 

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  • I'm in a condo on the 2nd floor of a 3-flat, so similar situation. Plus a 2 year old in the mix. I will leave one infant seat downstairs and run up to get the other (b/c one trip or the other involves me holding my toddler's hand too). But there is another door before getting outside at the bottom, so it's not like the infant seat is sitting out in the open (and it's secure door too).

    I ditto the suggestion of using a baby wearing device of some kind if carrying two or doing one at a time is not an option. 

  • We have the exact same situation - live in a 3rd floor walkup flat. We are moving to a bungalow next month!
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  • I think wearing one is the way to go, GL.
  • I think wearing one is a good idea. 

    We both live in RI!!

    You have a PM :-)

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  • i would wear one and hold the other, or carry the other in the infant seat- and then keep the other seat in the car. i would NOT carry 2 seats down at the same time - they get heavy fast - and all it takes is the slip of a hand or foot and that is just WAY too dangerous.

    I'd move - fast... i can't imagine having to go down that many stairs with twins - ugh.  I feel for you.

  • I'd vote for wearing one or both! I don't know that I'd suggest an Ergo for a newborn tho. I have one for DS 22 months(just got it) and can't get over how big it seems for a newborn. If you do, you will NEED the infant insert for it. I'd suggest a moby wrap or a good ring sling. I've seen moms sling two babies, one on each side.

     Some areas even have a baby wearers meetup group where you can try different carriers to see what you like before buying. I'd check into that as well. If you don't have that in your area check out youtube for how to videos, and a lot of the mfg websites have video or picture instruction.

  • I met a twin mom who raved about a Moses basket.  It's very sturdy, and you can carry them both in it at the same time.
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