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Birthing Plan?

I've read online that you should have a written birthing plan. Does anyone know what this is & why you need it? I read somewhere about someone mentioning it in the context of having it so that the nurses wouldn't just tell you what to do.

Re: Birthing Plan?

  • I'm pretty sure you can download one off of the bump, but from my experience WASTE OF TIME! Basically it is just a written paper expressing your wishes as far as medication/not, c-sec/vag, if you want birthing balls etc in the room, if you want an episiotomy or to tear natural, who to call in emergency.... most things that if they are really a big concern of yours you would have already expressed to your doctor. Also, IMO child birth can be planned as much as you want, but anything can happen -- so what's the point of trying to control it. Hope this helps.
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  • A birth plan is more like an outline of your preferences and choices for labor, birth and postpartum.  You won't necessarily do/have everything on your plan, but it is a starting point so that everyone is on the same page as far as what you hope to have/avoid during birth.

    Many people like having one in their file, and while that can be nice it is much more important to discuss your wishes/preferences directly with your care provider prenatally, and your nurse and the on-call care provider during your labor and birth.

     A tip I like to give people is to not make their birth plan like a list of demands (that's not going to get you anywhere), but a discussion of your preferences during a normal labor and birth and maybe also a section of preferences in the event of an unanticipated emergency.

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