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Down to the wire and unsure of baby name! Please be honest

Colette Marie


Classic and pretty or old and outdated?

 Mother in law said it was an old lady name, now second guessing it like crazy!

What do you think? 

Re: Down to the wire and unsure of baby name! Please be honest

  • I think it's pretty!  I don't think it's an old lady name, either.  French sounding?  Maybe :) 

    Most important thing - do you and your husband love it?

  • I think it's beautiful.  I also think that your MIL calling it an old lady name is actually generational.  The "new" popular names are actually the older classic names.  I think that from our mother's generation they were looking for things that were modern, ie Jennifer, Melissa, Heather.
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  • I think it sounds nice.  A lot of the "old lady names" are becoming popular again.  What were the other names you were thinking about?
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  • Reason #1 NOT to discuss baby names with your mother-in-law! :P It's a lovely name.  Go with your instincts or you'll hate yourself later! It's not like you are thinking of naming her Opal?! I know a Colette. She is young, vivacious and anything but outdated.
  • It's pretty! I've only met one Colette and I think it's beautiful and feminine!
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  • I LOVE it!

    This is the reason that we didn't share the name until it was down on the birth certificate!

  • I really like it too! I think it's pretty and I like that it's not common! Forget your MIL!
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  • I also say GO FOR IT!  Classic & cute!
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