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Hi all,

I am looking into getting the bugabooo cameleon and have a color question.  Do you or does anyone you know have the sand/brown combo?  I like the sand since it is neutral and I dont know the sex of the baby but I am also concerned it will get dirty/old looking.  I live in the city and I will be walking a lot.

Re: Bugaboo Colors

  • Try the bugaboo website.  I got the black on black for that reason.  I figure you can throw a blue or pink blanket in there and it will be fine! 
  • I was going to get that one but when I saw the brown in real life I didn't like it so much. I ended up getting the dark grey/ off white combo. I am planning on getting the red tailored fabric also, just to have more options and to have an extra set when I wash one. I LOVE this stroller. So worth the money. I suggest you try and find a place where you can see the fabrics in person, they are quite different then online I found. Especially the brighter colours.
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