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My nursery was featured

I'm so excited that my nursery was featured on Ohdeedoh yesterday! I love that site and have gotten so many great ideas for the room on it. If you are interested, you can see it here (sorry, I'm not sure how to direct link): I talk some about my inspiration, challenges, and my favorite items.

Re: My nursery was featured

  • You did an AMAZING job! I absolutely love it! Makes my nursery look super boring! (PIB)
  • Thanks! And yours is totally cute. I love the animals! And your adorable cat in the bouncer (my cat hasn't tried that yet). But I have to say that I'm a huge Michigan fan! :)
  • Thanks!
    I have no problem with Michigan fans...just Michigan fans that live in Ohio...LOL!
  • Very nice!!! every detail was so well put together. You did an awesome job.
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  • omg his room is so stinkin adorable, you did an amazing job. i wish i had an eye like that for this kind of stuff. good job you!!!
  • I love your nursery!  Great job.
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