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Where did you buy your nursery furniture?

I want to buy good, solid wood furniture but there aren't a whole lot of choices where I live (south Jersey).  Feedback is much appreciated..thanks!

Re: Where did you buy your nursery furniture?

  • A local store, but the brand is Stanley by Young America. We love it and know many people with the brand that love it as well.



  • We bought our  crib at Pottery Barn Kids.  (Thomas) It came in a few different finishes...

    It did scratch easily, but that is something I have heard about ALL cribs.  It is really sturdy though and the conversion kit was only 40 dollars.

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  • We bought a furniture set from AP furniture but ordered from a local dealer.
  • You might check out www.2sweetsisters.com.  The sell bratt decor.  It is solid wood and made VERY well.  Good luck :)
  • Can you head up to Cherry Hill?  I know there is a Buy Buy Baby there and a Babies R Us. 

    Good luck.
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  • I got my dresser and armoire from Walmart because it's free shipping there.
  • I got the furniture by the compnay Munire. They have retailers all over. It's so great and was rated #1 in the baby bargains book. The quality is excellent and it's a 4 in one crib

  • My MIL wants to buy us a bassett crib. They sell them at BRU, Target and JCpenny. hth.
  • If you want 100% wood, you are prob looking at like $5,000 or more.  Everyone's different but I would never spend that much on something that I'll prob only use for a lil while.... assuming I need bigger stuff when child is older.  But I am getting a 100% wood crib and the rest is wood and wood veneers for like 1900 at buy buy baby.  See westwoodbaby.com my set is on there.  Otherwise you may want to try Howard Hill on Rt 130 in Pennsauken they have beautiful stuff.... but they may only have 1 or 2 babyish sets..... cuz they carry tons of other stuff.  I love that store though. 
  • Sears has a solid cherry wood crib for under $200 with free shipping to your local store. 
  • www.thelandofnod.com

    they're owned by crate and barrel

  • We got ours at the swap meet of all places! I am in Orange County.
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