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you are doing great on not gaining weight. What is your secret?  :)

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  • Errr.... I think that was BEFORE last week.  At last week's appt I'd gained 4lbs, and if my home scale isn't lying I may have gained another 3-4 since last weeks appt!  But I figure it's water weight as I'm swelling up like a balloon too.

    As for not gaining much weight earlier, I started quite overweight (176lbs at 5'3) so had less to gain.  When I got my BFP I started eating healthier (more water, fruits and veggies and less pop and chips).  Then I had m/s for 10 weeks or so and lost quite a bit.  Otherwise I've just tried to keep reasonably active (I go swimming at the local swimplex- no laps or anything, just lounging and lots of walking while shopping) and that's seemed to do it for me! 

    Best of luck!
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    { Jack 4.8.09 & Rose 10.24.07 }

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