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clothing sytle question

So pre preg.  I was not a trendy dresser.  I am more classic than trendy.  But, still I like to look nice-took pleasure in looking professional for work etc...

All I can find in the popular maternity stores (motherhood, mimi etc..) are cutesy trendy-patterned etc.. shirts.  I am more a turtleneck/sweater, buttoned downed shirt w/ sweater kind of girl-I like to dress things up with jewerly for color and such.

Anyone know of affordable stores that may be more my style? 


Re: clothing sytle question

  • You might check Target. The one I work at carries solid colored sweaters and shirts in the Liz Lange line. HtH, good luck.
  • Try your regular stores and just buy bigger sizes.  I'm still wearing many pre-PG clothes and lots of my maternity wardrobe isn't maternity at all.  Bonus: non-maternity is cheaper too!  I had to buy a couple pairs of pants but for tops you should be able to keep your style.  Check out my 39 week pic in bio.  My belly is HUGE but the sweater is non-maternity... non-maternity do give a more fitted appearance though.  I happen to like that but some prefer roomier wear.  Another bonus is that you'll have non-maternity looking things to tide you over post-partum as transitional wear.

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  • Have you tried Ann Taylor Loft?  Some of their stores have a maternity section though the selection is limited.  I've found maternity-like styles in their regular sized clothing too.  Gap maternity is great.  Both are online.
  • I'm a little biased because I work there but I'd give Motherhood one more shot.  Ask an associate to help you.  In just reading your description I thought of about 5 or 6 outfits that would work for you.  Mimi maternity is part of the same company as Motherhood, but they are a step above us, and usually only carry the trendy stuff.  Motherhood for the most part is supposed to have the basics, like what you mentioned.  Otherwise, have you tried old navy's maternity wear?
  • I work for Motherhood and I am shocked that you said you can't find anything there.  We ALWAYS have solid turtleneck sweaters and blouses.  We don't have a ton of actual button downs but we definately carry the style of tops you were mentioning.  Ask the associates to help you- I know at my store and with me personally- I love to help clients find the perfect outfits!  Target also has some nice tops once in a while.  Good luck!  Amanda =)
  • Old Navy maternity has exactly what you've described, they even have a section on the website that shows off cute professional work outfits.  I love their stuff!


  • Ann Taylor LOFT Maternity. 
  • I found a lot of stuff at JC Penneys. I went to the outlet store though, but you could probably find a lot of choices in the catalog.
  • JC Penny's maternity line looks more sophisticated than trendy. I didn't know about their line during my first pregnancy. If pre #2 happens, I'll definitely shop there.
  • Don't forget to check the clearance racks at WalMart!  I have a great pair of pants from there that were a whopping $13.  Yay!  I almost bought the same pair in black, but I'm trying to hold out until I borrow all my cousin's maternity clohes next week! :-)


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  • I bought a few oxford style shirts at JC Penney and I am pleased by the quality.  JC Penney also offers a wide range of maternity sizes (regular, petite, plus) which is also rare.  I also like that you can order items online and return items at the store if they don't work out. 
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