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old navy maternity

Has anyone ever bought their ribbed maternity tanks? I just ordered some b/c they were on sale, then remembered someone telling me that either Gap or Old Navy had ridiculously tight tank tops...now I'm wondering if I need to call and adjust my order!

By the way, though, they have some really cute stuff on sale right now..including flip flops for $2.50...and I doubt I'm the only one who has abandoned shoes that tie!

Re: old navy maternity

  • I have a couple of their tanks.  They do run a little snug; I wear XS in a lot of their clothes but was much happier with S in the tanks (and other very fitted clothes from them).  I'm waiting for an order from them right now...got some of their sale stuff and free shipping!  :)
  • I tried on some of the ribbed tank tops in the store and they did run very tight!
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  • Have you ordered other maternity clothes from them?  I am wondering if they run true to size.  I know Old Navy regular clothes used to run really big. 

    I am leary about ordering online without knowing how the sizing runs! 

  • I tried on the Old Navy maternity tanks in the store -- the wifebeater-looking ones.  They were SMALLER than their regular long-length tanks.  I was smallish to begin -- 5'8" and about 127 -- and tried them on at like 12-13 weeks, when I'd put on about 13 lbs.  The small could barely fit over my body -- it was TINY.

    Send them back.

  • I have two. A friend told me she got them to wear under stuff during her late third tri. Well, I will be growing out of mine before I get into my third tri. I didn't really think they were that long. And I wanted the t shirts to be snugger, and they are not. But for 6 bucks each, I will just get a bigger size when I get out of these. So just don't get too many up front and you should be ok.  I do love the colors!
  • I bought a bunch on clearance ($.98 a piece) when I was about 18 weeks.  They were great until recently.  They still fit good but they don't fully cover my belly now, just not long enough.  However, according to my doc my belly is on the bigger side so even though I'm 30 weeks I'm measuring about 34.  At this point though I wear them under longer tops so that my chest is fully covered by the tank and the longer tops cover my belly.  It's a balancing act!

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