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Dumb Question- RE Thongs

Ok, I am not sure of the answer, but what underwear can be worn once you start growing out of the current ones?  I only have thongs now and some granny panties for AF, but are there special panties for pg women?? I have seen them online but not sure if they are necessary or not.  :)

Re: Dumb Question- RE Thongs

  • There are maternity undies; I tried some last time around but didn't think they were really all that special.  Just wear whatever is comfortable!  :)
  • I've just been getting low cut bikinis that are larger than my normal size, they aren't very cute but they are comfy!
  • I got mine at kohls
  • I actually got some really cute lacy thongs at Target in one size larger than normal that are stretchy, and super comfortable.  I just can't fathom wearing granny panties right now, they're way too uncomfortable. and BIG.
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  • I like the super low rise string bikinis. I have found cute ones at Target. I also have some good boy short style ones that are from Victoria's Secret that work pretty well. They are the PINK style.
  • You can wear whatever is the most comfortable for you.
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