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To bikini or not to bikini?

I haven't worn a one-piece or even a tankini suit since I was in grade school. I will be at my cutest pregnant belly phase this summer....5-7 months along. I cant seem to find any cute bikinis for prego ladies. I guess I could do  a tankini, but I still would like to flaunt my bump when we are canoeing this summer.

Any thoughts on where I can get a super cute bikini cut for a bump?

Re: To bikini or not to bikini?

  • Gap has a couple bikinis, but I wouldn't call them cute really, they're very plain.  Could you just buy a suit a couple sizes bigger than you'd normally wear since you don't have to worry about having enough material to cover your bump?
  • Honestly, if you can, just wear a non-maternity bikini.  So much more economical!
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  • i 2nd the non mat bikini.
  • I'm just wearing a regular bikini. they have some cute ones at walmart for 7.50each piece! cheeap.
  • You don't need a maternity bikini. I bought a maternity tankini from old navy and felt awful in it -- the cut is just not flattering.  I went with a size up in a regular bikini with good support on top and it looked a lot better. Everyone at the Mem. day BBQ said it was cute.  Try Old Navy -- not very expensive and you can mix top and bottom sizes.
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