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Nursing Boobs and a Swim Suit - ugh!

OK, so I'm finally fitting into my size 6 pants again, not a big person, but my darn boobs!  I am not comfortable showing my belly this summer, my vertical line I got while pg is still there and the skin is so NOT toned, so I'd love to just find a cute tankini to wear - not working!  All the tops don't even begin to cover my boobs!  They hang out on the side, and if I pull the side over my nipples are about to pop out!  It's so gross.  Even when I try on the XL size, the boob part is too small and the tummy part is HUGE! 

Any ideas?

Re: Nursing Boobs and a Swim Suit - ugh!

  • Try Gap tankini's. I have the same problem, not due to pregnancy, but just large boobs and small everyhere else. It can be a pain, but I have found good luck with Gap.

    Good Luck
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