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Seafood Question

I know tuna, mahi mahi and a lot of fish are high in mercurcy and should be avoided. Tell me about crab, lobster, shrimp (cooked of course!)!

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  • crab, lobster and shrimp are not high in mercury and are safe to eat.
    Mercury bioaccumulates in big fish that live a long time eating smaller fish that have mercury in them, who eat smaller fish that have mercury in them, and on and on.

    Shellfish, on the other hand, are eating much smaller sea creatures that are lower on the food chain so there is not the same risk.
  • I always thought Lobster wasn't okay to eat when you are pregnant.

    check this...

    ha, I just answered my own question. good luck!!
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  • I'm a fisheries biologist, and part of what I do is age fish and test tissue samples.  Mahi only live to be 4, and are fine to eat, stay away from wahoo, king mackerel, and swordfish.  Shell fish in general should be fine (in moderation), personally I'd stay away from oysters and clams because they filter the water they are in and retain whatever is in the water in their tissue.  Shellfish sanitation departments check the harvested waters regularly, but the amounts allowed for certain things (pestisides, fec. colliforms) can be surprising.   
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