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My BM is decreasing A LOT!!

I havent been following a strict schedule for pumping since Hailey came home and my supply is literally cut in half!! I am trying so hard to get back to every 3 hours but its hard with Hailey wanting to every 3-4 hours and something always seems to get in the way and next thing I know its been 4.5 hours or more! Ugh. I am so disappointed. My supply was awesome and almost overflowing and now its slowing waaayyyy down!!

She doesnt BF so i am just an EP and I really do not want to go to formula this soon! She's only on 9/12 right now but she's eating more so she's going thru it a lot quicker!!

Any suggestions besides getting back to pumping more and drinking more water? I wish there was a pill to take to make it come back!! =(

Re: My BM is decreasing A LOT!!

  • The same thing happened to me..and it's SO hard.
    Have you tried putting her to breast at all?
    The stimulation from him is the best thing for mine.

    Other than that.. eat, drink and sleep as much as possible. (Yeah. I know. AS IF.)
    What I've tried to do with water is when I fix him a bottle, I get myself a bottle- Of water.

    Other than that you can try Fenugreek. It's an over-the-counter supplement (you can get it at GNC)
    My supply had gotten horrible and it's helped some.. it's still not great, but it's better than it was.
    It makes your pee and your sweat smell like maple syrup, but it could be worse.

    Good luck!

    (P.S. You can also ask your doctor for Reglan.. but it comes with a risk of depression which so far, I'm not quite ready to take on.)
  • I wish I had more/better advice for you but the only thing that gets my supply back up is pumping.  While DS was in the NICU (15 days) I pumped 10xs/day to get my supply up and build stash.  When he came home I dropped to 8 times a day for probably about the first 4 weeks he was home.  Then when he was about 2 months I dropped to 7 times a day and no longer did middle of the night pumps--just right before bed and as soon as I got up in the morning. When he was about 3 months I dropped to 6 and then pretty quickly to 5.  When I have a noticable drop, I try and do some days where I add back in some pumps. 

    I soooo wish there was another way to get my supply higher but I haven't found it yet.  :)  Hang in there and just do the best you can--you are doing an awesome job for your little girl!

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  • BM supply is truly supply and demand, so there is no magical fix... you HAVE to pump a lot, particularly for the first few months. As time goes on, you'll be able to pump less but it is particularly important in the beginning.

    A good rule of thumb it to pump every time she eats. Even at night. At that age, I'd put one on my lap in the Boppy and feed her while pumping. It was the easiest way to take care of them AND pump. Also, if she is napping in between, even if it's only been an hour, pump even for only 5-10 mins as you have a chance. It's a nice way to sit, relax, and Nest while getting in some extra pumping! You really need quantity of pumpings, so even a 5 minute session every 2-3 hours is better than a 10 minute session ever 4-5 hours.

    Lastly, what do you pump with? I see a big difference between a rented Symphony and the PISA that I own.

  • Drinking more water helped me a lot but also before I pump I hold one of the boys for few minutes and (as weird as this is) smell their head.  I think the contact and the scent signals my body to make more milk. 

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  • Reglan was my savior.  (Maybe there is a miracle pill afterall!)  Talk to your Lactation Consultant about it.  I came to these boards a few months back with questions about it.  Many complained of side effects from it, but I suffered NO side effects and my milk supply re-established itself (with consistant pumping).  GL!
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