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RP: More Good Start formula help advice needed, sorry :(

When you switched to Good Start did you notice a difference right away good or bad? We switched my son from Alimentum to Good Start Natural Cultures. I thought I would try the Good Start because I have read such good things about it. Since he has been on the Good Start (about 3 days) he has been a nightmare to deal with. After 2 days he became another baby altogether. The first 2 days he seemed better but then all of a sudden he is worse than before and I never thought that possible. He was fussy all day Friday and screamed all day yesterday. I know there is a transition period when switching formula but is it normal for it to be torture (at least it seems like I am torturing him)?

He seems ok at night but he does not sleep at all during the day and cries if we are not walking around with him. I think the only reason he sleeps at night is because he has worn himself out. He is constantly farting which I thought was a good thing since the gas was coming out but since all he does is scream, I am second guessing that school of thought. He just seems to be in distress all day. He seems worse now than with the Alimentum.

He originally started on Neosure but it was really tough on his stomach. He is not allergic to milk but his gas was/is so bad that I can feel the bubbles in his tummy. When it was obvious that he was gaining weight without any issues the pedi gave me the ok to try something else. We tried Gentlease per the pedi's recommendation and that seemed even worse than the Neosure. So then the doctor suggested the Alimentum. The thinking was Wyatt is a preemie and his digestive system is still catching up and perhaps a hypo-allergenic formula would be easier on him. He did do better on the Alimentum but not great. He still had gas issues that interfere with his sleep. He only sleeps about 8 hours a day total. Sorry this is so long. I just needed to vent. I guess I have to wait for him to outgrow this...sigh.

Re: RP: More Good Start formula help advice needed, sorry :(

  • Give it at least 5 days to let their belly adjust. We we using Neosure for the first 2 months and then tried Alimentum before switching to Good Start. I just weaned him off the natural cultures to the Good Start Supreme, since he still seemed to be having a lot of gas (terribly smelly) with the natural cultures...I'm having better luck with the Good Start Supreme than anything else we've tried.
  • i'm just switching today, so i'll send you an update in a few days.  we're going from enfacare to (2 feedings of nutramigen) to enfamil AR to Good Start . . .

    ps - i'm in waltham - are u close by?

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