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Shes not home....

the whole day was full of setbacks.  This morning at 7,
I called and everything was still a go.  BUT then at 8am she had a decet/brady while eating.  So the 48 hour countdown had to re-start.  THEN when I fed her at 2pm she decet again.  DH called a lil while ago to see how the 5pm feeding went, and it was fine, BUT the nurse said she noticed some swelling and hardness in her groin area and paged the Dr.  They think it might be a hernia so they paged the surgical team.  So they are going to run tests and let us know for sure.  Just when everything was going awesome.  CRAP!

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Re: Shes not home....

  • Oh, that is so hard. We had the same thing happen with Charlotte, she was set to come home and then spit up while she was sleeping and choked on it, which caused a brief desat. Our hospital requires five days without a desat (except while eating, which they actually don't count at all), so we had to wait a full five days. LONGEST five days of my life, and I am still bitter because it was stupid... of course she had a desat, she puked and choked on it!!
  • Oh gosh that sucks!

    Like Jody, our NICU didn't really "count" feeding issues. He was coming home on a monitor, though, so maybe that's why?

    I hope there are no more problems and she's home in 48 hours.

    On another note- Jody! That picture in your siggy is SO FREAKIN' ADORABLE!
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  • I'm sorry that stinks to be on that rollercoaster still.  I hope she is doing better and will pray for her to come home fast!
  • That sucks!  ::hug::  It's amazing how much patience the NICU requires.  I hope everything turns around very soon for Sophie.  I really hope she doesn't have a hernia.  Keep us posted.  ::another hug::
  • I'm sooooo sorry!!  I can totally relate to your roller coaster!!!  We had 4 false alarm coming homes with my ds.  Very frustrating!!  But I can tell you... I'd rather the brady/decat at the NICU then at home. I hope she's come really soon!
  • That must be so hard :(  Zoe came home at 36 weeks because of this so there wasn't ever a countdown really.  The bradies continued until she was 41 weeks .... they ALL happened while feeding.  The feeding ones can count, it depends on how the breathing/heart rhthym looks.  I found this out the hard way after bein told the feeding ones don't count.
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  • Oh, that stinks!  I hope she comes home soon!
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