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I'm new, twins pics inside

They were 2 weeks Friday and born at 32 weeks. They are both in an open crib as of last night and if they keep their temps up and gain tonight and tomorrow and continue to bottle feed they should be coming home by this weekend! We are so excited and this has been such a struggle, we can not wait to have them home with us.

This past almost three weeks have been the hardest in my life!

Re: I'm new, twins pics inside

  • Adorable pictures! What were their birth weights?
  • Congratulations! They are adorable and sound like they're doing very well.
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  • 4 lbs 1/4 an ounce

    4 lbs 1.5 ounce

    They are doing extremely well for their age!
  • What little miracles!
  • Wow, they sound like they're doing great, that's awesome.  It also was very hard for us, hopefully it won't be much longer.

  • P.S......they're beautiful.

  • Congrats - they're beautiful.
  • Welcome & Congrats!  Your boys are so cute!
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  • congratulations!! They are gorgeous, and doing so well :)
  • It sounds like they are doing great! My girls came home at 3.5 weeks and 4 weeks old and they were also born at 32 weeks... they were just slow to want to eat lol. They are completely fine and wonderful now, and have never had any real issues whatsoever.

    Gorgeous babies!!
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