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When did your preemie start teething?

My DS is 6.5 actual - 3.5 adjusted and I am pretty sure he is teething. I do not see any teeth yet but he is drooling terribly and putting everything/anything in his mouth... I can calm him down but my usually even tempered baby boy is pretty irritable. I've looked online and it seems most babies start teething around 4 months, so I guess it is probable. What are your experiences and how long does the teething last?

Re: When did your preemie start teething?

  • My DS started teething around that time, but didn't get any teeth until he was a year old actual age.  It took him FOREVER to get teeth in and he was very grumpy about it.
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  • My DS is 6 months actual and will be 3 months adjusted on 10/7.

    He also has been rather fussy, drooling constantly (his chin is even breaking out now from the drool) and he is chewing on anything he can get in his mouth.

    I am thinking he is teething, but the teething process can take awhile so while it may be teething we might not see teeth for awhile. I just bought DS some teething rings and he has been at them non-stop.

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  • I thought she was teething at 4 months and still nothing. Drooling and putting things in their mouth is typical for babies this age. Stick your finger in his mouth the see if you feel anything or look for swollen gums. If he is irritable and you think it is teething, try some teething tablets by Hylands. I hear that they are the best.
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  • My girls did not get any teeth until they were 9 months old.  THey started drooling and chewing on everything months before that though.

  • Ds started that same process at 3 months actual and is now 8 months actual and still has no teeth.
  • Babies start drooling when their salivary glands mature in preparation for solid foods at about 3 months adjusted - it doesn't have anything to do with teething. Around the same time they also start putting things in their mouths as they explore and learn about their world. Again, this doesn't have anything to do with teething - the mouth is full of nerve endings, and babies learn a lot about things by sticking them in their mouths.

    My boys just cut their first teeth last week, at about 8 months adjusted (each of them popped out the same tooth within about an hour of each other). When they were truly teething, they both had very low grade fevers, they were grouchy, and I could see little white nubs in their gums where the teeth were about to pop through
  • DS just got his first tooth on Sunday. 8 months actual / 6 months adjusted. Tooth #2 is also popping through now.
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