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My water broke at 24 weeks

I found out last night I am leaking amniotic fluid so here I am on hospital bedrest.

I never thought this was going to happen to us, but I'm just looking for some support/success stories.  How long were you able to hold off?

We have everything on our side.  I haven't had any dribbling since this morning, baby is still rocking and rolling inside, cervix is closed, no contractions, and her fluid levels are just a little low.
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Re: My water broke at 24 weeks

  • This was not at all my experience so I can't give advice there, but I did want to say hello and that there are quite a few ladies here who had PROM and have great stories to share. I am sure they will. Also, there are a lot of ladies who had babies at 24 weeks and others who were able to hold off. There are a lot of experiences and this could be a great resource for you to lean on during this time. Please ask questions and keep us updated as we get curious once you post. Good luck! We will be thinking of you and your little one.
  • I gave birth at 33 weeks which was 11 days after I started leaking. However, when I ruptured I had already lost my mucous plug, was having contractions, was already 1+cm dilated and 90% effaced. Sounds like if you can keep your fluid levels up then you'll be ok. Are you in the hospital on bedrest? Keep us posted!

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  • Duh...just saw in your first line that you are in the hospital on bedrest. Hang in there and let them take good care of you! Watch tv, read books, ask people to come visit you and bring food, make to-do lists for your husband or parents or whoever can help, post on the nest, lurk on 0-6 board so you'll know what's coming, sleep (ask for ambien at night).
  • At 24 weeks I began bleeding and was admitted to L&D.  My water was leaking and I was 3 cm dialated.  I was on hospital bedrest for 2 weeks then DS decided it was time to be born.  He spent 11 weeks in the NICU with very few complications and is now a happy healthy 3 year old. 
    That your cervix is closed is a very good sign.  The amniotic sac can close back over the leak.  Good luck and don't read too much on the internet.  Alot of it is scary and much of it isn't even true.  Feel free to ask questions here, alot of us have been where you are and everyone is super nice.
    Kelly, Mom to Noah 8.27.05 (born at 26 weeks)
  • oh my goodness. i'm so sorry that you're going through this. DD and DS were born at 26w1d due to PTL. i went into labor at 19 weeks, was put on bedrest and held out 7 more weeks. there's a girl on the multiples board, NBJENNI, who's water broke at 22 weeks. she was on hospital bedrest, was sent home on bedrest, and is now 35 weeks with twins. you might want to page her, or find her blog, and read more about her inspiring story. my babies spent 80 and 88 days in the nicu, they were 1 lb 13 oz and 1 lb 13.5 oz at birth. they're happy and healthy 10 month olds now. they're perfect! good luck, you're in my thoughts and prayers.
  • I am so sorry that you and your DH are going through this. Nobody expects this to happen and it can really be difficult to deal with. All of us are here for you to lean on if you need to vent, talk, ask questions, or just write down your feelings. My son was born at 33 weeks because of Pre-e, he was in the NICU for 2 months. The best thing you can do is to take care of yourself, eat healthy meals at the hospital, read, relax, and stay as positive as you can. I also agree with asking for Ambien to sleep, it helps if you can get plenty of rest. Good Luck to you, you'll be in my thoughts.
  • I wasn't leaking amniotic fluid but I did spend more than 2 wks on hospital bedrest before I gave birth to my twins at 26 wks, 6d. After spending the whole spring and summer in the NICU, my babies are doing very well right now.

    Good luck and you'll be in my prayers.

  • My water broke at 30 weeks 5 days and I delivered at 31 weeks exactly.  BUT, usually the earlier you are in your pregnancy the longer it is before you deliver.  Plus, when my water broke it wasn't a trickle ... more of a gush. 

    DD is fine now and was in the hospital for 5 weeks mostly just feeding and growing. 
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  • I was pg with twins and had a major break on Nathan's sack at 21wks 4dys.  I lost almost all of his fluid - he had the bare minimum to keep going.  We managed to hold off labor for 6 weeks.  I did NOT get out of bed once.  My nurses and doctors truly believe that is the only reason I held off labor that long.  Unfortunately Nathan only lived for 8 days after being born.  He just lost too much amniotic fluid and his lungs couldn't develop enough during those 6 weeks.  Aubrey on the other hand is doing great (she didn't lose any fluid).  You're lucky that it's only a small leak.  I would stay put as long as you can.  In hind sight I believe that I may have been leaking a little in the 2 days leading up to Nathan's rupture, but I'm not sure.  Maybe if I would've got myself on bedrest at that time, the major rupture wouldn't have happened. My pregnancy was going so well though that it just didn't seem possible that anything would be wrong. It sucks that there is absolutely no explanation and no fix for ruptures.  So that's why my advice is to do everything you possibly can to avoid a major rupture.  You and your little one are in my thoughts.
  • I was pregnant with twins and my sac broke at 19 1/2 weeks. I was not a trickle but was a gush. I lost that baby a week later but held onto the other baby until 26 weeks, 1 day. He just came home from the hospital on Saturday after spending 12 weeks in the NICU and is doing really well.
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  • I had a rescue cerclage put in place at 21w4d due to PTL and membranes of baby a hanging out of my cervix. The next day I started leaking baby a's amniotic fluid in gushing spurts that lasted several days, and then sealed over. She had somehow gotten an infection inside her sac, which was causing all of my PTL labor symptoms. The doctors were amazed that the leak sealed over, and that she continued to thrive after losing fluid and having an infection. I'm sitting here at 36+ weeks waiting on my doctors to call with my c-section date.

    Good luck, there are a lot of horror stories out there, and a lot of good stories - I prepared myself for the worst, but also let myself have a little hope. Make sure to replenish your fluids by drinking a lot. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers!
  • My DS was born at 24w5d and so far has no major complications. He was in the NICU for close to 4 months, but we had a pretty easy ride considering that some babies come home on multiple meds, oxygen and monitors. DS had none of these. He came home with a prescription for Poly-Vi-Sol vitamins, but that's it. He is now in Early Intervention and right on target for his adjusted age. The only thing he lags in right now is length (10th percentile).

    With that being said, I had Celestone steroid shots when I was in the hospital on bedrest the week he was born. I was Celestone complete for a full 72 hours before DS arrived and I am 100% positive that those shots saved his life. I would speak with your doctor about the steroid shots and get them ASAP if they think you will deliver early.

    Jacob 3.23.08 * Grace 7.22.09 * Eli 7.26.11 * Annabelle 1.18.14

  • I met a girl on Babycenter whose water broke at around the same time as yours and she didn't deliver until 32-33 weeks, or later, from what I recall. She, too, was on hospital bedrest and had plenty of scares, but in the end her son was absolutely fine!
  • I had completely different trouble with my pregnancy, but there are so many women on here who have managed to keep their kiddos cooking, despite PROM. MassaRN on the multiples board's water broke on one of her twins very early on, I want to say it was at 19 weeks. She managed to keep her babies inside for several more weeks. Now those gorgeous kids of hers are coming up on their first birthday, and they are doing GREAT!

    I agree with the pp about steroid shots. If you haven't gotten them yet (I had dexamethasone), demand them. They just may save your child's life.

    Good luck, hon, and please keep us posted.
  • I have a similar experience.  My water broke at 25 weeks.  I had been dribbling and I went to my OB who sent me home.  24 hours later my water completely ruptured.  I went to the hospital and I was having some contractions but nothing steady.  I was put on mag and some breathine and some other medicine and it slowed it down a little bit. 

    I was able to get steroid shots for lung development but the 2nd one didn't take b/c I delivered very soon after it was given. 

    Come to find out a few days later I had Strep B which means you should deliver right away and be put on antiobiotics.  I didn't get tested for this yet b/c it was so early on in my pregnancy so now my DS was highly infected as so was I.  However 13 months later he is almost 19 lbs, crawling, cruising while holding on to stuff, and just as perfect as can be. 

    You can click on my blog which is all about his NICU stay. 

    Good luck.

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