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do we need EI?

do you all think we would benefit from EI? the boys are doing so great, and have reached some milestones..but they are still not doing things like reaching out for things, rolling over(or even trying much)..or really holding their head up very well for very long during tummy time.. is it still too early for me to expect these things? or should i talk to doc about EI?
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Re: do we need EI?

  • I don't know if Marino needs it, but I am having him evaluated. I hope he qualifies - I feel like I want to give him every advantage I can and I can use the extra help in learning how to keep him engaged in learning new things. I figure it can't hurt...
  • I think it's absolutely worth having him evaluated.

    In Illinois, we qualified automatically based on his birth weight.. Right now, we just have evaluations, which are free.

    If they should determine at some point that he needs therapy, then we'd pay for the program (it's income based) but for now, we just have extra eyes checking him over.

    I'm all about having as many eyes on him as possible.
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  • Campbell automatically qualifies for EI until she's 3 years old due to low birth weight.  Originally she was only getting weekly visits from the early interventionist but then we requested PT and OT evaluations and now she gets weekly OT and PT.  I would highly recommend it, even if it's just to get the evaluation.  Even if Campbell never shows any kinds of delays I think we'll continue with the weekly early intervention.  Why wouldn't I want someone specialized in early childhood development to work with her 1 on 1 each week for free?!
  • Rowen was born at 30 weeks and had his EI eval at 4 months and we started with OT at six months. so worth it imo. they can look for things you wouldn't even think of.

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