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Still not home but shes ok

UGH the rollercoaster continues.  Thanks for your support to my previous post below.  So yesterday they were telling me again that she would be all set to come home tomm.  BUT this morning she had a couple quick decets which she recovered from on her own. They think that was a result of her being flat on her back now.  She may need to come home with a wedge in case its reflux.  They said from a feeding standpoint she could be released, but she has to go 48 hours without any bradys/decets.  The bump on her groin area is NOT a hernia, the surgical team ruled that out with ultrasound.  They don't know it is, they said a possible pulled muscle or a reaction to one of her vaccines.  Since they don't need to do anything the surgical team said she is ok to be discharged.  BUT again, she has to behave and then she can go  :)  They did move her to a more private room tonight so the nurses were telling me thats a positive thing b/c it shows she is still going home any day now. 

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Re: Still not home but shes ok

  • Oh hon. I'm sorry she's not home yet. I so wish that she could come home soon. So you're in another room now? I'll email you now :)
  • well thank god it isn't a hernia. she is so close to coming home, i just know it!

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  • You're almost there, hang in there hon!  That's great news that she doesn't have a hernia.  You'll have her home soon.  I'll say a little prayer for her.
  • C'mon Sophie!  No more decets so you can go home with mommy.  We're all pulling for you!
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