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first, where did our little babies go? your kids look so grown up in their chairs!

second, i was reading your blog and saw that someone knocked down the baby gate. did you find a different type of gate to put up? Rowen does this daily and it drives me nuts. if he busts through baby jail he can get to the mean kitty, the toilet and our bedroom. im afraid if i buy a gate you can install in the wall that he will just pull it out of the wall. any suggestions?

Rowen Alexander born 10 weeks early 1/28/07


Re: rmgandjas

  • i know, i think that every single day!  i am just astounded by how quickly they have grown and i cannot believe that they were ever as tiny as they were.  i mean, i know they were, but it seems like the entire thing was just a bad dream or something.  you know?

    the gate they were knocking down is a gate that allows installation either pressure mounted or hardware mounted (it is included).  it is a safety first gate and i just installed it with the hardware the other day.  so far it seems to be holding up very well!  there is also the evenflo soft and wide gate which i have been told is very difficult once installed. you jus install it as if the opening were 1/2 an inch larger and it stays put.  good luck!  if you need any links let me know!
  • thanks for the info. im going to venture out to BRU tomorrow.

    Rowen Alexander born 10 weeks early 1/28/07

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