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Anyone suffer from anxiety/depression?

I had my first panick attack 10 years ago. I was on Paxil until we decided to TTC and I switched to Zoloft (which is supposed to be safer.) I still feel very nervous about having a baby and being on meds but my anxiety/depression would be out of control without it. My OBGYN told me she was on Zoloft when she had her last child and told me she would do extra testing to make sure everything progresses normally. Just curious if anyone was on Zoloft while pregnant and how it affected things.  Thanks.

Re: Anyone suffer from anxiety/depression?

  • Except for the actually being pregnant part, my story sounds the same as yours.  On Paxil for Panic, switched to Zoloft as a prep for TTC, and now asking the same questions....
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  • I would recommend posting this somewhere else--BOTB, 3rd Tri, etc.
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  • I was similar to your situation.  I took those meds, but then switched to Wellbutrin and Ativan (for attacks) that helped. 

    Here is some irony for you....I weened myself off about 2 mos. before coming pregnant and since getting pregnant I have been in heaven! I swear my hormones that I am feeling need to be in a pill.  Hopefully this will be the case for you.

    I do however worry about post partum anxiety and depression and am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be ok with all of that.

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  • I have a history of panic attacks too.  I was on Lexapro for a while but went off the meds while ttc.  I'm about 13 weeks along and so far so good :).  I've been doing talk therapy a lot and have had to chalk some bad days up to just being a hormonal pregnant lady.  Now that I'm past the 1st tri I'm feeling more confident about things and that has helped.  My docs have said if needed they would put me on prozac but that they hope that I can go the whole pregnancy without...we shall see.  GL!
  • I'm not currently on meds, but was on Buspar in college when I first started having panic attacks.  We are trying to conceive right now, but I have been having a lot of anxiety the last two weeks again. I am not willing to go back on meds while TTC or pregnant.  My doc said if I could do without it during this time I should.  Most of the anti-anxiety drugs make me suffer from narcolepsy!  I know I am stressed right now as I have been having shortness of breath and rapid heart beat.  Good luck with everything, if your Doc said Zoloft is OK, you shouldn't worry.  Has anyone tried any natural supplements for anxiety?
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