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Well I posted on Sunday about the contractions I was having and shortly after that they were coming really strong about 4 mins apart and we called to birth center and headed on over.

We got to the birth center at about 2:30. I was asked to give a urine sample but for some reason I could barely get anything out! The nurse took my blood pressure and it was pretty high..She decided to check my cervix and as she did I had a contraction and my water broke...gross! haha..anyway I was happy to hear that I was 5-6cm and completely effaced! She seemed suprised too! She she gave me a towel to hold between my legs and I hobbled to my birthing room. DH was the only one there and called both moms to let them know. Soon my mother and sister were there as was his mom. My dad couldn't be there though =<

At about 6:30 I was really in pain and slightly moaning through each contraction. I wanted to hold out as long as possible w/o drugs but I gave in and asked what my pain managment options were. The nurse said I could get one of two kinds of pain meds in my IV or an intra-spinal (basically an epidural) I really didn't want a spinal! So I took the IV drugs. The next 3 or so contractions were a little less painful but still horrible and after that were back up to before the meds..The nurse checked me and said I was 7cm and that if I wanted the spinal it was now or never..She asked for another pee sample and again I could barely get any out..and then I gave in for the spinal. It was the longest 30 mins of my life waiting! But once it was all done I was so realived and finally able to joke and relax again. The babies heart rate dropped and the nurses rushed in and turned me on my side and hooked me up to oxygen. A bit scary but her heart rate was soon back to normal...but my blood pressure was like through the roof and my inability to pee was causing the nurses concern. I guess the little pee i did get out had something in it that told them I was dehydrated. So then I was hooked up to an IV w/fluids pumping into me and they put a cathater in (Waaaay wierd! But couldn't feel a thing) After that I was good to sit and talk w/my family. But the contractions started up again only about and hour and a half later! The nurse said that I was probably completlely dialated and that was why. She checked and sure enough I was ten! So at about 8:30 I started pushing.

I pushed for an hour and a half and she wouldn't budge! The contractions were so strong! But pushing felt SO GOOD! The doctor kept having to turn her head because she was trying to come out facing up. I was already aware of the fact that I had a small pelvis and she may not fit and we were all sure she was a 9lb baby (I was measuring 2-3 weeks for a long time) So they finally told me it was time for plan B and they started prepping for a c-section.

The whole C-Section was a blurr..I remember getting the spinal and my DH coming in and stroking my forehead.

My baby girl was born at 10:04pm
Get this! She was 7lbs 13oz!!! I guess that when they say small pelvis they mean it! She was 20inches long and cried for three hours straight after birth because her head was sore from repeatedly trying to go through a hole that was too small! Now she has a big pulge on the back of her head (hematoma..sp?) I feel so bad..Sometimes c-sections really are best.

DH and I are totally in love! She is absolutely perfect! Having a lot of trouble breat feeding but trying not to loose hope. The hospital set me up with a supplemental feeding system so she gets used to nursing and still stimulates my supply while still getting formala b/c she wasn't getting any out of my boobs!

Sorry it was so long!

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