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Quentin Matthew is here! Emergency c-s story...

After getting some much needed sleep, here is Quentin's birth story:

Name- Quentin Matthew
Date of Birth- Thursday April 24th
(he came on his own. No induction necessary!)
Time of Birth- 11:45am
Weight- 8lbs. 6oz.
Height- 20in.
Apgars- 7 and 9
Health- Excellent

On Wednesday evening, I was feeling crampy and having on and off sporadic contractions. I decided to take a quick nap. When I awoke from my nap, my contractions were much more painful, and I had more bloody-mucus show from earlier in the day.
Around 8:00pm, I started timing the contractions for an hour and a 1/2, and they were exactly 5min apart lasting close to a minute long. I called my DH at work, and he came home around 9:30pm. We timed the contractions a bit longer to make sure it was real labor, and then left and arrived at the hospital around 10:35pm.
When I was checked in triage, I was still only 3cm dilated and 90% effaced and they were going to send me home saying I wasn't in active labor.....they were wrong!
They had me walk the halls for an hour, and all my family arrived, and I walked with each of them for 10min a person (DH, my Dad, my stepdad, my sister, my Mom, my youngest sister) until I couldn't take the pain anymore. I would literally stop in the hallway in excrusiating pain and have to hold on to the wall and rock back and forth until each contraction past by.
When I got re-checked I was 5cm and 95% effaced!
They decided to admit me around midnight.
In the room I was admitted too, I first tried the birthing ball. Well, that was REALLY uncomfortable and painful because of where baby was positioned in there with his head, so I quickly stopped that method and decided to stand with my head in DH's chest to work out each contraction. That got uncomfortable after a while too, so I laid up in bed eating ice chips and sucking on Jolly Ranchers. With every contraction, DH would hold my hand and my Mom or MIL the other hand. I labored for a good couple hours and the pain was more intense. I got checked again and went from a 5 to a 7 dilation quickly.
So far so good.....then the pain got unbearable. My Mom had a cold washcloth on my head, and I was concentrating on a focal point, but I was having REALLY had back labor pains. After a little while, I gave up and got the epidural. After an hour or two of having the epi, I quickly went from a 7 to a 10 and was 100% effaced!
The weird thing is my water still didn't break, so they broke it for me and I started to push. I push for almost 3 HOURS straight, and was so tired and worn out! My pushes were really great, and I tried so hard, but the baby was not crowning the way he should and could not fit through my birth canal. They decided on an emergency c-section at this time since his blood pressure was dropping quickly with no changes.
They wisked me away to the O.R. with tears streaming down my face. I admit, I was SO scared! DH was in the O.R. with me, and watched the whole procedure while I laid there in anticipation. My son was born 15min later via c-section, and it was the most incredible thing I ever experienced. Motherhood is absolutley amazing, and I wouldn't trade it for the world : )
Quentin latched on perfectly to breastfeeding an hour after he was born, and in one day breastfed 4 times with 4 good BM's! He is very strong and happy, and both DH and I are over the moon with joy!!
Thank you for reading this very long and detailed birth story!

Here are photos:

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  • congrats!! happy that you and Quentin are doing fine. hope my birth wouldn't be too difficult also. i'm scared!!!
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  • congrats. all these stories make me cry. it really makes u realize how unpredictable it can be. enjoy your new bundle.
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