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Anthony's induction birth story

So to start with, i was induced last friday night. they started with the Cervidel at about 6:30pm. i was having contractions pretty much immediately. they started out slow but then they were right on top of eachother within 3 hours. they didn't really hurt like the real contractions did but they were there nontheless. after a few checks of the moniter around 10:30pm my nurse convinced me ( per orders from my doctor) to give me something to help me sleep. so i took it and felt pretty good. around 11pm my nurse came in and said that the contractions were too much so they had me take out the cervidel ( it was supposed to be in for 12 hours) she checked and i was dialated to a 1 1/2 and was 80% thin ( started about 40% thin). at 12am the nurse came in again and said i needed to have a shot to stop the contractions because they were not progressing me but they were just doing harm. she said if they let it go on your uterus could rupture.

after that shot all was well, i went to bed and my contractions became consistant and normal till the morning. at 6 am they started the pitocin. at 8:30 my doc came and broke my water. after that the contractions got progressively worse. at around 11:00am my nurse checked me and she saw that my contractions were really bad(i couldnt help but start crying thru them, my eyes would just water and i couldnt stop it) and she saw i was in a good labor pattern so she suggested i get my epidural now. i was still only dialated to 1 1/2.

i got my epi at 11:30 and it didnt hurt at all!! but the worst part was sitting on the edge of the bed, trying to stay still thru the contractions and curl up against my belly like the doc said and just sit there still. but in about 10 min it was working and i was feeling great!!

i dialated 1cm per hour for 3 hours so around 2:30pm i was a 4. then for the next hour i dialated 3 more centimeters!! so i was an 8 at 3:30pm. i was feeling really good with the epi so i decided i needed to nap. i went to sleep for about an hour and at 4:30 the nurse checked me and i was a 9!!

the Epidural made it so i could relax and actually helped me dialate. i could still move my legs and push my butt up but i had no feeling at all!!

my doc was delivering another girl in the room next to me so my nurse had me do some practice pushing around 4:45pm. she had my on my back, and stuck her fingers in my and pressed down on a spot and asked me if i could feel it. i could so she said with the contractions ( which i could still feel the pressure thru the epi )to push against her fingers. i did it a couple times and she had me stop because i was doing it so well she had me wait for the doc so she didn't end up delivering herself. my doc came in at 5:10pm and i started pushing and he was out at 5:31!

it was amazing, i had no pain and not much after either. i tore a 2nd degree and had stiches. i asked her how many but she did one long stich. my epi took about 3 hours to wear off but it was fine cause i didn't want to get up anyway!! he was great he got all the best scores and he is the best little guy ever!!

he barely fusses at all, sleeps all the time, and eats like a cow!! we are bottle feeding and he is on 3 oz every 3 to 4 hours. sleeps at night like a champ, and is just amazing!

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