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Plann c/s breech baby birth story

Our breech baby girl Brette arrived on Cinco de Mayo by planned c-section! She weighed 8 lbs 3 ounces and was 19.75 inches. We found out at our 37 week appointment that our baby was breech, we weren't a candidate for a version because of her estimated larger size and somewhat low amniotic fluid so we planned the c-section for four days before my due date. I hoped she'd turn and we did an ultrasound 5 days before and the day of the c/s to no avail. I also tried the various positions to get her to turn.

Here's the story - arrived at hospital at 6:30am after not much sleep the night before. They set me up to be monitored and I was having some contractions and the baby's heart rate was good. They tried three times in three different places to put in my IV - it hurt like hell. Then, they put in the catheter which was awful. I couldn't believe how much it hurt, I cried out. I found out later that even though they told me they can't do the catheter in the OR after the spinal, this isn't really true and I should have stuck to my guns and requested this. :( We then sat around for about an hour as OB and Anesthesia came to walk us through the c-section procedure. I was really uncomfortable at this time with the catheter andwas already asking when it would be coming out. They wheeled me in for my spinal at about 9am. That was a piece of cake, a little pinch and some pressure and then I started going numb. They laid me down and got me all covered with antiseptic and set up the paper curtain so I couldn't see anything happening. The weird thing was that they had the table at a tilt so I was at a strange angle which felt weird. Then they brought in DH to sit by my head in his scrubs. He was great, he kept showing me pictures of our dog and other things on our camera to keep my mind off the surgery. Anesthesia then tested my spinal by putting a cold wipe up where I could feel it by my breast and then down further where I wasn't supposed to have feeling. I was warm, heavy, and numb from my ribs down. I didn't have any problems feeling like I couldn't get a breath or anything, which they had warned me might happen. During the c/s I really didn't feel anything, not even pressure. During the proceudre my blood pressure was really really low - I could see the machine and at one point it was 60 something over 30 something. I asked if this was normal and they said it was within normal range but low! It only took about 10-15 minutes to get Brette out, she was butt first and she screamed for about another 10 minutes! They struggled some to get her out because she was a little big. DH went with her to get weighed and cleaned off. It took another 45 minutes or so to sew me up and clean me up. The whole thing wasn't uncomfortable, just weird, and I was really really groggy. I kept closing my eyes but then forcing myself to stay awake. They then wheeled me to recovery for the next few hours. In recovery, I threw up twice and ended up needing anti-nausea meds in my IV. They said this was from my low bp coming up quickly to normal range and coming off of the spinal. I also started on Percoset and Motrin - which I threw up. I ended up being sick, groggy, and in pain most of the day. I held Brette a few times and tried nursing her in recovery and later in the day, but I really didn't want any other visitors. Much of the first day is a blur. Finally, they put Zofran in my IV at about 7pm as I kept throwing up and my nausea finally went away enough to eat two pieces of toast and keep down my pain meds. The first night we only slept about four hours but she seemed to be nursing well so I was okay with that. First thing the second morning they took out the catheter and my IV and got me out of bed to walk around on my own a little. I showered and was up and down all day! I even ate three full meals. Getting in/out of bed and in/out of the bathroom was the toughest.

Brette is doing really well - not very fussy and really cute - she has a beautiful head as it wasn't all squished. :) That's what the nurses kept saying anyway, who knows if that's true. Going to the bathroom was  interesting, and they measured all my urine and the amount of fluids I took in for the first few days. I still am having some bleeding at 7 days pp, but it's like a light to medium period. The hardest thing is that I get really sore all over and my incision area hurts if I go too long without taking the meds.  If anyone has c/s questions, feel free to ask!

Re: Plann c/s breech baby birth story

  • Thanks so much for sharing!  I am scheduled for a C-section on the 28th because my little girl is breech as well! I am very nervous... especially about the catheter.  I asked the doctor today and she said they do insert it before the spinal, but I will be sure to request it after!

    Congratulations and best wishes!

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