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Jaxon Paul 4/30/08

Here is my birth story!

4/29 - Started having contractions at work. I thought that they were BH because I was at the Dr office the day before and I was 1 cm dialated, which was no change fromt he week before. That evening the contactions were timable but inconsistant. I decided that if I could sleep through the contactions that I would be ok until the morning.
4/30 - The night was not very restful. I woke up for almost all the contactions. I was trying to time them but I just really wanted to sleep. 6 AM rolled around and I gave up on sleeping. I make sure that DH is going to stick around the farm just in case. I'm still timing contactions went from 10 min apart. 30 sec long to 7 minutes apart 30-45 seconds long. I was detirmined to stay at home until the pain was unbearable. At 9 AM I noticed that my contractions went back to 10 min apart but they were 1 1/2 minutes long. That made me nervous so I called the dr and they had me come in right away.
DH and I get to the Dr office and he checks me and I'm at 4 cm. They wheel me up to L&D. They strap me to the moniters for a while, then I started walking around. The nurses were really fun. We joked around alot. They offered me meds but I declined because I was still able to handle the pain. At 1 PM the dr checks me and I'm at 5cm. He decided to break my water (no pain). My contractions became stronger but not too bad. At 4 Pm I was at 7 Cm and I wanted some drugs, LOL. I opted for the IV meds because I knew that I needed to feel the contractions to be able to push effectively. IV med only lasted an hour. The staff convinced me to delay the 2nd dose until I closer to pushing. The staff (and I) were amazed at how well I was doing, since I didn't take any childbirth classes. Dr checked me again and I was at 8cm. I was able to get my 2nd dose of drugs. They checked me 15 minutes later and I was ready to push! Warning: 1st IV med was AWESOME 2nd dose of IV med DOES NOT work!!!! 7 Pm started pushing. That was hard. I thought that it would be simple because I was told that you basically push like your taking a crap (lovely). I didn't feel like I was pushing effectively and it hurt like hell. I really wanted to tell them to shove that kid back in, I'm done. LOL. The dr told me "one more push and the head will be out" I responed with " Are you telling me the truth or are you trying to get me to push again?" They were telling the truth. But when I thought I was done they were telling me to push again, opps forgot about the shoulders! That hurt worse than the head! 7:33 PM Jaxon was born. 33 minutes of pushing not bad for a first time mom!!! I immediatley felt better. They announced "It's a boy" I was lala land for a moment that I was like "huh, what did they say?" DH had tears, I asked"did they say it was a boy" He nooded his head. Cool is all I could say.
I had a 2nd degree tear, whlie the dr was stitching me up I sent DH to tell the family. When DH came back I had just finished breastfeeding. I handed Jaxon to DH while the nurse helped me with the giantic pad and sexy underwear. DH immediately took the baby to the waiting room (I don't think he was supposed to but they didn't stop him. We were the only one in the OB) So there I am staring at my clothes, purse, and shoes. I grab my clothes and purse, put on my shoes and walked out of the delivery room. I guess that doesn't happen. I went by the nurses station and they (including the dr) had their mouths dropped. LOL. So here I am standing in my lovely hospital gown and robe with tennis shoes on, NICE. The nurse comes up to me and begs me to go to my PP room because I was making them nervous.

Jaxon Paul weighed 7 lbs 7 oz. and was 20 inches long.

My delivery was excellant. The staff was great and my DH was wonderful. I never thought that I was going to laugh and have fun during labor.

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