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My "Precipitous Birth" Story

I was getting ready to go to work on April 18 at 6am when my water broke at 37w 6d. L&D said take your time but come on in to "check" to see if it really was a premature ruptured membrane. When I got to the hospital at 7:15am I was soaked through my 2nd pair of jeans - so the nurse giggled and said "Well you pass the soaked pants test - you're having a baby today!" I was finally admitted at 10:30am at 1cm , 80% effaced. At 12:15 I got my epidural at 5cm 100% effaced. At 1:15 they sent my DH for lunch while I "napped". At 1:35pm the Dr was handing me my cell phone saying "get your husband back here - it's time to push!" I couldn't reach him! I held off pushing for about 30 minutes! At 2:28, after only 20 minutes of pushing (despite everyone telling me, this being my first child, that I'd be laboring for about 12 hours and pushing for 2), Thomas James was born at 6lbs 13 oz, 19in. Everyone joked that the next time I get a positive pregnancy test, I should just check in to L&D and wait! What a blessing!

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