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Birth Story-Parker Shane is here

I was induced on May 16, 1 day after due date for elevated BP.  I had been having contractions for a week but no real pattern.  My husband and I went to hospital at 7:30 am on May 16th.   The worst part of everything was the IV.  The nurse tried 2 times then called in the lab tech and she tried 2 times but the last time the needle slipped and caused a huge knot under my skin so I couldn't bend my wrist.  Finally they decided to put the IVin my left arm.  I was checked and was 1-2 cm and 75% effaced.  The pitocin was started at 9:00 and the contractions started almost right away as I was already in early labor.  The doctor came in at 10 and broke my water.  From there things seem to go rather fast.  The contractions were very intense 1 minute apart lasting about a minute.  My husband was very excited thinking things were going to really progress fast.  I labored for about an hour before I was in tears and asking for the epidural.  I was checked and 4cm 100% so I went ahead and ordered the epi.  This is where another problem began.  The first try didn't take, the second one only worked on my left side.  He tried having my lay on my right side and upped the dose and still I could feel everything on my right side...I felt no relief in site.  I really wanted to avoid a third try so I attempted to just deal with the pain but once again that was very hard to do.  He came back and upped the dose a third time, and now I couldn't feel anything on my left side all the way up to my chest but still could feel the right side and contractions in my right hip pretty bad so after alot of debate I allowed him to try one last time to redo the epi...At last some relief almost instantly.   The only negative is that now my left side was completely numb.  I was left to get some rest and they were going to check me in 2 hours since I couldn't move my legs at all pushing would be difficult.  At 6:30 I was checked and to my surprise I was 10cm and ready to push except I couldn't feel my legs at all, so the nurse said we needed to turn the epi off if I were going to have a shot at pushing.  We did a practice push and to everyone's surprise (apparently I am a good pusher)  I could do this.  The nurse called the doctor and said I was ready.  I pushed a couple times before my doc arrived and the nurse said I was doing a great job considering my legs were completely numb still.  It was the weirdest feeling seeing my legs being held up but not feeling them.  Luckily the epi was turned off and I started to feel my contractions so I would know when to push.  Pushing actually felt like a relief when the contractions hit.  My husband said it was very hard to hold my heavy legs up...dead but he was a trooper.  He and the nurse were absolutely amazing help to me with just the right amount of support and letting me do what I needed to do.  By the end I could feel my right leg and started to feel my left.  I pushed for 1 hour 20 minutes and Parker Shane arrived at 8:14pm and they put him right on my chest.  My husband cut the cord and welcomed our little man to the world!  It was so amazing I couldn't believe I did it!  We were all guessing the weight and I was right on...7 pounds 2.4 oz and 19 inches long.  The doctor told me that is the biggest baby I could have because my hips wouldn't allow anything larger to pass through.  He was pleased we decided to go ahead with the induction instead of waiting or Parker may have not fit and I would have needed a c-section.  I am so pleased my induction went so well after all the stories I heard about how long they could take and how may end up with section anyway.
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