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Ethan's Early Arrival

Ethan Michael was born on May 31st at 11:08 am via emergency c-section. He weighed 6 lbs 3 oz and was 18 inches long. He was born at 35 weeks.

On Friday, May 30th, I had a doctor?s appointment to check my blood pressure. My blood pressure was high and I had protein in my urine. The doctor sent me to the hospital for non-stress test. When we got to the hospital, they hooked me up for the NST and drew blood. We sat and waited for the doctor. At first, the doctor told us I was being put on bed rest but she wanted to do another round of labs. When they came back, she wanted to keep me. I had to do a 24 hour urine catch and more blood work. I started the 24 hour urine catch and waited patiently for my results. At about 1 am, the nurse came to give me Ambien to help me sleep. Shortly after the doctor came back and said she was doing more labs and told Mike not to go anywhere. My liver enzymes were high and my blood platelets were very low. When the results came back, she told me I was being induced. They took me off to labor and delivery and I was induced at about 4 am.

After 4 hours and having small contractions, a decision needed to be made. More labs were drawn and we were going to decide after we got those results. At about 9 am, my doctor came in and said she wasn?t happy with the labs. She said unless I was 5-6 cm, I was going to have to have a c-section. I was 1 cm. So c-section it was. Mike couldn?t come in because I had to be put under general anesthesia which was very scary. They took me in at 10:50 am to be prepped. I was knocked out literally moments before the doctor made the incision. Ethan was born at 11:08am with the cord wrapped around his neck twice. Even though he was early, he let out a big scream after some oxygen!

I was sent to recovery for an hour desperately wanting to see my baby boy. Little did I know it would be a day before I got to see him. After the c-section, my doctor came and talked to us. I had HELLP syndrome which is a very scary thing. The c-section went ?beautifully? and I was already showing signs of improvement.

After a full day of recovery, I was moved to my new room and finally got to see Ethan!

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