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Anyone have experience with HypnoBirthing?

I just found out I'm pregnant and have always wanted to give birth naturally.  I'm really interested in hypnobirthing and have recently been reading up on it.  I was just wondering if anyone out there has ever tried it or know someone who has?  Does it really work?  Would you do it again?


Re: Anyone have experience with HypnoBirthing?

  • I'm studying HypnoBabies for my first baby due 08.08.08. There's a lot of info out there on the internet for you to read like testimonials. I'm a huge fan and hope to report back on my hypnobabies birth very soon.
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  • I did Hynobirthing, and it was fantastic! I highly recommend it. I am hoping to post a birth story in the next few days. (I am totally preoccupied with my little guy.) Until then, I can tell you that I was able to be very focused during most of labor and pushing, and that it wasn't what I would describe as painful but just very, very intense, and it was all around an amazing, powerful experience. I wouldn't change a thing about my labor and delivery. I'll definitely use it for our next baby, too. Good luck!
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  • For Hypnobirthing - did you take a class?  or get a book or cd?  Is there anything you would recommend?
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