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Has any one heard of Doulas or used a Doula during labor?
A Doula is a birthing coach.
If yes, do you recommend having one?

Re: Doula

  • yes, I used a doula. My birth story is directly below your post. Having her there didn't keep me from getting an epi, and seemed to annoy the nurses - but, I didn't care. She was great for information, helping me through the latter part of my pregnancy, and was comforting during my labor - I would recommend!
  • I really really wanted to have a doula but it wasn't in my budget. I don't know how much they are in the US. I do recommend having one. They can help both you and dh during the whole labor process and will have your best intentions in mind as far as your birth plan goes.
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  • I've hired a doula for upcoming labor and delivery-she's fabulous! She's a massage doula and she's very knowledgeable. I'm in Houston so if you're near here I can totally give you her info.
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