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Another shower question - etiquette and such...

Ok, so both my mom and my MIL are coming in from out of state for the shower. And they are both staying with me. My Step MIL I didn't send an invitation to - she lives out of state as well and it would be horribly uncomfortable for her to be there with MIL. Sooo - at this point she just hasn't gotten an invitation... Do I send one anyway? do I send one and let her know that MIL and mom are coming and staying with me? Do I just not send it and pretend like nothing's going on? What would you do??

Re: Another shower question - etiquette and such...

  • Well since it involves In-laws have your hubby decide.  I had to have seperate Showers for my Mom and Step Mom.  But since it is his family leave it up to him.

    Good luck!

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  • I had my mom send one to my step mom even though I knew she would not come.  If she did, it would be SO awkward!  She knows that too and that is why there is no way she would have come.
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  • I would invite her, but I wouldn't extend a stay at your house.
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  • Definetly invite her.. she would be more hurt by not being invited, than by not being able to stay at your house. 
  • I am a step-mom and I have a step-mom.  I know this stuff gets tricky even under the best of circumstances.

    Invite her.  She knows you'll be having a shower.  She probably does not plan to attend.

    If you're concerned that she will want to attend simply ask that her invitation be sent late.  That would make it more unlikely that she'll attend.

    If she does attend - it's her job to figure out where to stay and it's not your responsibility to host her when hosting the other mothers.

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