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Just want so say I was SO glad to see your post about the shower gift situation! I have felt like such a heinous brat lately b/c I keep 'subtly' encouraging my mom to 'subtly' steer her friends towards my registry. I was so disappointed when she told me one of her good friends who will give me a 'nicer' gift (meaning maybe spending $75) wanted to give me a baby bath filled with luxury products (Bulgari, etc.) and towels, etc. I feel horrible but I'm like, really, the baby will be fine with Johnson & Johnson products -- and he's a little boy so let's not set him down the road to being the next Ryan Seacrest too soon :) I know I am being a gift grubbing brat, but  I was really hoping to get some help with practical stuff  to take off some of the pressure (my co went bankrupt and I am out of a job).God, I am a brat, but you made me feel a little better about it :) I'm also miffed b/c my ILs haven't asked what we might want or need. I know I shouldn't expect it but I feel like my family has been all over helping us given my situation and they really haven't even asked. 

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  • ::butting in:: Your not a brat. I know a lot of people can get on a kick about how grateful you should be (and I'm sure you are). It has nothing to do with that. I'm also out of work right now and I know how you feel. I will say my family got most of our big ticket items and I am sooo beyond grateful for what they gave me. I'm very grateful for everything I was given.
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  • Right!!?? Good thing is: When DH and I opened his mom's box last night and I told him we had 3 more coming like it, his eyes got huge and he said "ok, I'm telling her no more clothes - just gear" which is great and something he usually wouldn't say to her, so hopefully it will make a difference. I know that we'll end up buying a lot of stuff ourselves and that's fine - but what is getting me so much is that they are *spending this money* on ridiculous (and very cute) things! Anyway, I don't think you or I are gift grubbers. Its just nice to have help with things you need when you know people want to buy you gifts! Good luck... to both of us... :)
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