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Success after IF

Jumping over to SAIF!!!

Hey girls!  Had my first beta today.  I am 4w2d and it was 549!  This was an unmedicated cycle and I am still in shock.

Hope I get to stick around over here for 9 months!

After 4 miscarriages, my sweet baby girl is finally here!

Re: Jumping over to SAIF!!!

  • CONGRATS and Welcome! H&H 9 Months!
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  • Congrats and welcome!!!
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  • welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Brynlee Reece is 4!

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  • Congrats!!!!  That is wonderful news. Welcome to the board.
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    IUI #2 1/10/11-BFN; IUI #3 2/18/11-BFN
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  • That is a great first beta! I am even jealous! Congrats!!!!
  • Congrats!! Great beta!
  • congrats!!!!!!!!!
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  • What a nice high beta number!  Congrats!!!
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  • Congrats!

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  • Congratulations and welcome!
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  • Congratulations!!! Welcome!
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  • Hell yeah - that's a fantastic beta!  Congrats!
  • woo hooo!! that's a GREAT beta!!

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  • congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • That's an awesome number. Congratulations!
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  • Yay!  Congratulations!
  • That's a great number! CONGRATS!
  • Congrats!!!!
  • Congrats!  What a great number.  We are still in shock that an unmedicated cycle was the winner for us too!
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