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Born Free or Dr. Browns???

What are you guys opinions?? Not sure which one to register for?? I am also going to BF if that matters. Thanks

Re: Born Free or Dr. Browns???

  • I registered for the Dr. Brown's since they are good for colic and gas.
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  • just register for one starter pack- b/c you never know what bottle your DC will like.

    Almost all of the bottles are bpa free now- which is nice.  I just traded in my old Avents and got the new BPA free Mam bottles- for our hopeful 2nd child.


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  • we use Dr. Brown...
  • We use MAM brand. THey are at BRU, and are BPA free
  • Born Free!!! I hate Dr Browns, they leak like crazy. As a nanny I never had a kid who really liked them. Born Free on the other hand have nipples that actually look like real nipples and thus make switching from breast feeding to bottle easier.
  • We use the Born Free and they've worked great for my boys.  I liked that the nipple was more like the breast so it made it easier to nurse and pump/bottle feed without any nipple confusion.
  • We have some of both.  Right now, she prefers the Dr. Brown's.  But both are nice.
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