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NBR: Are you registered to vote?

I don't think that I am, but I need to be.

How about you?

Re: NBR: Are you registered to vote?

  • Yes! I love to vote!
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  • I've been registered to vote since I was 18.

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  • Oh yes.  I am counting down the days until the election.  I will be 38 weeks that day, so I have a deal with Ava that she can arrive any time after I vote.  If I have to miss voting because of her arrival, she will never hear the end of it.  ;)
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  • Most definetly!

    I have never been more ready to vote than with this election!
  • Have been for nearly 22 years!
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  • You know I love you, but how the hell do you not know if you're registered to vote?  I don't get it...

    I am most definitely registered to vote, and I vote in both local and national elections.  This is the election I can't wait to vote in to hopefully turn this country around!


  • of course. and i vote in every single election, local, etc.
  • I vote in every national... and most local. I've been registered since I was 18
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  • I registered on my 18th birthday and have voted pretty much every election since. I love voting!
  • Kerry - I remember registering to vote, but I never get anything in the mail telling me where I need to go to vote.

    I'm going to call tomorrow to find out, so I can vote.

  • A ha!  That makes sense.  I think this is seriously one of the most important election years we will see in our lifetime, so get out there and do it!!!!  =)
  • Oh helll yes!  Can't wait to vote.

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  • Heck yeah! Like pp, been registered since I was 18 and haven't missed an election, national or local, in those 13 plus years.

    When you stop to think that women have only had the right to vote since 1920, I consider it my duty.
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  • Yep. I've been registered since I was 18.
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  • Tarah - It's great to be on this board with you! :-)

    Yes, I am registered to vote and try to vote in every election. It seems even more critical this year!

  • Yes..in NJ.  I still haven't changed my residency to GA.  I already requested an absentee ballot, and received it in the mail last week. I plan ot mail it back after the debates are finished.
  • I am.  I think you can go to your local library and register to vote.
  • I have been regsitered since I was 18 and I vote in every state and local election. I feel it they only way I have the right to b!tch about whats going on in the nation is if I actually get out and try to do something about it by Voting. You can regsiter at the Post offcie too I think. I know all I would have to do is leave my house and go to a public place. Obama supporters have been all over my area malls, train stations, and city streets getting people to register since May. they hand out registration forms.
  • Yup..I have been since 18. I even changed when I moved from Missouri to Nebraska.
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  • I registered when I was 18, and I can't wait to vote this election. I told Colin he can arrive anytime after January 20th so he doesn't have to be a Bush baby ;)
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