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thanks sooo much for your BF'ing advice... not only was it really informative, but it was really very motivating!! i have the lansinoh (i know i spelled that wrong!!!) cream ready to use in my hospital bag so i'm glad you rec'd that.  i'll try the other products as well.  you bet i'll ask ya questions if they arise!

i totally forgot about all those reviews i wrote in my bio a long time ago!  i'm glad i went back to artisanal to try their fondue... omg, i love the smell of that place when you walk in!! oh and their cheesecake, i still cannot get over how good it was!!!! i think i need to go back there too, now...

anyway, thanks again!

Re: *BethGL*

  • I'm glad I could help!  The 0-6 month board was also a TON of help to me at first with everything from BF-ing to green poop, to belly buttons and bathing.  Usually you'll get a pretty quick response over there no matter the time since everyone is up at some point or another with a newborn!  (And hopefully we'll start to see more activity on this board too - besides tourism questions)

    Another great website to reference which is dedicated to breastfeeding is  kellymom.com 

    I wish you and baby girl NYCali a long and happy breastfeeding experience!
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