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Where are all the Jersey Moms

If you live in adn around the hudson bergen county area Please contact me. need to chat about various services avail to 1st time moms..

Re: Where are all the Jersey Moms

  • I'm in Hudson County :)
  • I'm in Bergen county.
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  • I'm in Hudson.  I found a group on yahoo: HobokenMoms & I know that most hospitals have new mom groups.  HTH!
  • hi natalie -

    i am in essex county.  i moved here just about a month ago and discovered i was pregnant soon thereafter.   i have no help to offer (sorry!) but would love advice on doctors/hospitals.  hope you are doing well - not sure when you're due.

  • i'm from hudson county, not sure if i can help as i'm a SAHM.
  • i'm in bergen county
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  • Hello :)

    Just wanted to offer a great resource



    Best Wishes!

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