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NBR: Speed Limit Map?

DH got a ticket a few weeks ago on 264 in Knightdale. The ticket says the speed limit is 65, but I am sure the limit is 70 in that area. Is there any way to verify this besides driving and looking for signs? I tried Google but wasn't able to come up with anything helpful.


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Re: NBR: Speed Limit Map?

  • I'm headed that way in 5 minutes, can you describe where?  and PS they just up-ed the speed limits within the last week.
  • You probably are already home - but if the speed limit changed that would explain it. He got pulled on 264 going towards Raleigh, a few miles before the exit for Smithfield Road.
    image Caleb is 3! 101 in 1001
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  • Yep- the speed limit used to be 65, but they changed it to 70 all the way now. :(  Sorry!
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