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newly PG - need advice

I just found out I am PG!  I'll be frank - it wasn't planned, but DH and I are happy and trying to do our best to prepare for parenthood even though the timing isn't "perfect."

I am feeling pretty overwhelmed right now because of a few things: we just got new health insurance, we moved to a new area recently.  I have yet to find a PCP around here, let alone an OB/GYN or even given any thought to where would be a good hospital to give birth!!  

So I'm looking for some recommendations and advice about doctors and hospitals.  I'm on the South Shore.  In my life I've had some pretty negative experiences with doctors and other staff at the dr offices.  I really need people who will be helpful and kind.

Thank you!


Re: newly PG - need advice

  • Congrats! You couldn't be in a better state for healthcare!! Is newton/wellseley close to you? Maybe now that your pg you'll get some positive experiences from hc providers. GL

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  • I don't know the South Shore much, but I wanted to say congratulations.

    There are quite a few South Shore mommies on the other board:

    -Kim E!
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  • Congrats,and good luck. i live in QUincy and I go to Crown Ob GYN, which delivers at South Shore Hospital. My Ob is  a practice so I see several diffrent people, which i don't mind but you may want to see the same dr every time. everyone is really nice.  I hear the Harvard Vanguard in quincy is good too, and they deliver at Brighman Womens in Boston. I am in my 7month, so i have some experience that i can share with you. Let me know how i can help
  • I delivered my 2nd child at SSH.  I went to South Shore Women's Health.  They have quite a few offices on the south shore with both midwives and OBs.  I started with the MWs but ended up needing a c-section. 

    Since you've had bad experiences w/doctors I highly suggest going to a midwife.  They're more likely to sit and talk and do some hand holding if needed.

    good luck and congrats!
  • I also go to Crown in Quincy (they also have offices in Pembroke and Brockton) and I have been really happy with them, especially Dr. Shakr.  The nurses there are super helpful as well.  I delivered at SSH and can only say good things about them- I will go back to have my twins.  Congrats and GL!
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