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RP: Visitng Burlington

Hi all ---  DH, DS, and I will be in Burlington & Boston at the end of the month.  Just a couple quick questions:

1) What can I expect as far as weather up there?  We're in Austin, TX and DS hardly has any cold weather clohthes...

2)  What could DS and I do during the day in Burlington while DH is in meetings?  We'll have a car, but I'll probably be walking around more often.

Thanks so much!  I'm getting nervous about our trip.  I'm excited, but I've never been up north.

Re: RP: Visitng Burlington

  • burlington has mostly shopping. There are alot of stores there. it is also not within walking distance to boston, but you might be able to take public transportation into the city.

    Boston you could go to Quincy Market, it is outdoor market place with fun food and shopping.

    end of October, expect anything.  Dress in layers and bring jeans, long sleeves, and sweaters.  We could still have a 80 degree day here or there, but it is unlikely to be anything but 60-70's.  Nights are pretty cool.

  • Tons of shopping (two malls) in Burlington and tons of restaurants. It's about 20 mins north of Boston so you can get to Boston really quickly. So much to do in Boston. Duck Tour, Museums, Fenway Tour, restaurants and shopping, Boston Common/Public Gardens.


    I agree with PP, dress in layers. Boston will be way more windy because of all the buildings. It's New England so it could be 70s or 50s you never know.

  • Hey there,

    Thanks so much for your posts.  I am nervous about driving around because I hear Boston drivers are pretty ruthless, haha.  Austin traffic can get pretty hairy, but I suppose I'm used to it.  Anyway, thank you for the tips and the ideas. 

  • your little one would probably enjoy the boston aquarium or the science center.  lots to see....
  • Yeah Boston drivers are tough, as is driving in Boston when you are not from here. However, Boston has amazing public transportation. There is actually a bus from Burlington that takes you into Boston and there is a train in Woburn that takes you to North Station, where you can access other trains.Tons of cabs too. Enjoy your trip.
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