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obgyn san diego area

Hey there,

I moved out to san diego from the bay about a year ago. I loved my obgyn and had been with her for several years. I'm having a hard time finding a good one here. So far I've had 3 different obgyns here. I just want a gentle caring one who can help me start a family. I have a blue shield PPO plan. I just got off depo and want to see when I can start a family. any one have a good doctor for me?  I live in spring valley (by la mesa and el cajon).  Fires came right in my backyard over san miguel mt!

thank you

Re: obgyn san diego area

  • I don't have a local obgyn reccomendation for you (mine is wonderful, but in La Jolla).  I could see the san miguel fire from my house (I live in North Park).  I cannot imagine how horrible it must have been.

    Happy that your home is safe!

  • i live in rancho san diego/el cajon - and i could see the san miguel mt. fires too...how is your home?

    i LOVE my obgyn...dr. steele...he's an older doctor (about 60) but is not retiring anytime soon and has such a good bedside manner...the nurses are just OK...but i saw the doctor all the time.

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  • Thank you!  my house is fine but it was scary to see the fires blazing over the mountain.  It came about a football field away from our home and burned all the trees in the valley.  I'm happy that my home was saved but feel so bad for the ones that were lost in the fires.

  • Glad to hear that you survived the fires. I love my ob/gyn and the pa that practices in her office as well. The dr's name is Sandra Petersen, she is across the street from Scripps Mercy Hosp. up in the Hillcrest area.
  •   Glad to hear your house made it-- I feel thesame as you.  we were evacuated and the fire was jsut a few miles fro our house (in Rancho Santa Fe) if the wind hadn't shifted and taken the fire to other people's neighborhood our house as well as our parent's would have been burned.  I doubt you want to coe all the way out here but I have the same isurance and see DRr. Silver at North Coast OBGYN in the XIED building at Scripps.  He is older and very gentle-- i generally won't see a male obgyn cause I have foudn the women to be more unerstanding but in his case he is very sensitive to a woman's neeeds and very experinced.
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  • Dr. Shira Varon at UCSD Women's Health Services (La Jolla) is WONDERFUL! She's so nice and has been wonderful with all my issues/questions. I highly recommend her.
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