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Average Daycare Costs

Hello Everyone,

My husband and I just moved to SD about 6 months ago.  We are putting together a budget (may be TTC in about 9 months) and we were wondering what average daycare costs are around here.  I am still in school, so I can't be home all day long, only half the day.  TIA. 

Re: Average Daycare Costs

  • Where in SD are you?
  • Right now we live in the La Jolla/UTC area.  We may  move closer to University City or the Clairemont area.  Thanks for replying!

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  • I live in Pacific Beach and started my childcare search a few months ago.  I looked at three different places in my area.  The rough estimates are around $800-$1250 a month for full time day care. It just really depends on the facility. I found the more expensive ones seemed to be the cleanest and cheeriest looking (naturally).

    I ended up hiring a nanny instead. I just wanted someone home with her instead of doing the daycare thing.  We used a nanny placement agency (seaside nannies dot com) and we pay her $15 an hour.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks! We will definitely consider that.  Our problem is that we don't need full-time daycare or supervision, since I am only in school 4-6 hrs a day (not sure if some facilities would accept part-time children).  I will look into that.
  • MCK, you can look in the Craigslist childcare section too for some daycare homes close to you.

    I asked your location because I will be doing some babysitting again on an as needed basis. :)

    We are in the South Bay/Imperial Beach area
  • Also if you are going to school you could look into the day care that they have on campus since the people there are heading towards a child care related field.
  • Yeah the daycare on campus is only 11 months and up (really disappointed when I learned this).  Hopefully, when I am doing my rotations, our child would be old enough to attend there. Thanks for all the great advice!
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