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did I miss your orig announcement?!  Congrats on #2. 

Re: whoa - MrsEP

  • BIP -  I know I saw that!! Congrats on #2! There's alot more of us then I thought...

    Bridetobe your turn is coming haha :)

  • buahahahaha! not even on the radar. 
  • I didn't announce it- so nope you didn't miss anything. I didn't even find out til 7.5 weeks.
  • PS: Thanks! And I love Maya's outfit. Happy 1st Birthday to her!
  • A surprise? I'm happy for you!!

    Thanks - we did a try-on before the big day.  I was stoked she wasn't trying to rip off the tutu this go around. 

  • Hell yes a surprise. I was on bc pills at the time. Even took them for the 1st month I was pg, not knowing. Took a good 2 weeks for the shock factor to subside but now I'm excited and it's a girl so even better! I cannot wait to shop. I especially love her birthday hat. Does it stay on well? I was looking at them on etsy but not sure if W will keep it on (or if they are a little girly for a boy?)
  • yea I did the math and assumed ;)  It's all good. 

    Actually the hat did stay on pretty good.  There's an elastic piece that's holding it on in the pic, plus the ribbon is to tie it on too.  I just didn't tie it so that I didn't crease the ribbon before her bday.  The hat was more for pics so I'm not expecting her to wear it much.  Plus, it's the tutu that she's kind of weird about. 

    She had a couple of options w/out the marabou that were more boy-ish, although I didn't think anything of the boy marabou ones.  They are pom pom balls instead of marabou.


  • bip, congrats!!
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