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bridetobe0jb (re: tutu)

Where did you get the tutu from? (I'm sure you told me before).

Or I'd be willing to buy Maya's from you if you weren't planning on keeping it.

Happy Birthday to Maya! Hope the party goes off without a hitch!

Re: bridetobe0jb (re: tutu)

  • Oh - they're super cheap off

    There are multiple sellers but I got mine from Little Fortune Cookie.  I also bought her hair clips. 

    Other seller I really liked was whimsywendy.  But she went on vacation when I needed to order.

  • bip--i think its soo cute! hmm...i wonder how BD would feel if i bought one for DS. =) haha
  • BIP - I saw some cute ones at Childrens place in laguna niguel
  • Thanks!!

    I'll have to check Children's Place too!

    I don't know how Ty will look in a tutu!

  • Sorry!!! not childrens place, childrens Orchard... Oops.
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