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Kids getting sick in school?

So started 2 months ago, I've been taking DS to gymboree classes.  And for the last 3 weeks, we've been doing 2 parent participation classes with 2 different sets of parents/kids every week as well.

It seems like ever since we've started these programs, DS has always been sick.  He'll always have a runny nose and some kind of cold.  I try to wash his hands but it is sometimes futile because 2 seconds after I wash his hands, he'll be touching the floor or chewing on the toy that someone else was playing with. 

Does anyone know if it's common for kids to get sick when they start to get exposed to other kids, or should I pack purrel or antibacteria wipes and use it every time he touches something....???

Re: Kids getting sick in school?

  • It is VERY common.  Kids carry around a lot of germs and since kids put things in their mouth (including their hands and then touch everything) they spread germs very easily.  Hand washing is a good step but it's not going to prevent it 100%.  He'll be sick off and on for awhile while he builds up his immune system.  It'll be a rough few months but then he'll get through it and be good to go.  A typical preschool saying is that it's better to get it now then when he's in Kindergarten.

    It happened to me when I took over the preschool ... I was seriously sick about a week out of every month for the first 6 or so months.  Now I rarely get sick ... 3 of my "new" teachers all got a gnarly cold a couple weeks back and I never got so much as a sore throat.

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  • Oh yes.  C was sick almost every month with a cold or stomach bug this past year we had him in school.  I thought breastfeeding would give him a stronger immune system.  Not the case.  It did get better as time went on.  I think I got sick as much as he did too.  Hang in there!
  • I've found the same since DD has been in daycare. Hardly sick before when she stayed home with me and/or nanny part-time. Now...seems like she's sick nearly every other week...flu or virus or cold or something. And DH and I have also gotten sick a couple times from her being sick.  We do all that we can to prevent, but it still gets us sometimes:(  I guess we at least know their immune system will be able to protect them against these things in the future.
  • I think it is pretty common but, what are you going to do? You can't keep 'em in a bubble!

  • Yep. Super common. DS has been in daycare since he was 5 months and is sick every 6 weeks or so. The worst time is the winter. It sucks but there's not a whole lot you can do. Just be aware that you can sick too. I have never been so sick in my life as I have been this past year.
  • Thanks!  Hope O will stop getting sick so easily in a few months or so!
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